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Research and Development

Research and DevelopmentASC has a full service lab capable of performing analytical test on organic and inorganic materials, deposit analysis, metallurgy analysis, corrosion analysis, microorganism testing, NPDES permitting, and a variety of other lab tests.

Research and Development is an ongoing practice continuously updating with the latest technology to meet market demands.

New research and development projects that ASC is currently working on include:

• Optical Brightening Technology
• Introduction of a new family of defoamers
• New low VOC Microbiocide technology
• New sizing technology for the paper industry
• Introduction of new repulpable wet strength resin


• Patented optical brightening technology offers brightness values above any conventional bleaching or OBA products currently being used. It is now possible to reach brightness values above and beyond your previous expectations.

• Floc Aid series (Patented Polymer Chemistry) – This new product line of liquid anionic polymers are specific to settling microbes in the fermentation processes that are charge dependent. This represents a totally new application technology not previously found in our industry.

• Stickies Polymer Chemistry used in the paper industry to prevent deposits on the paper machine felt/wire and paper sheet deposition.

• Development of new sludge dewatering polymers, weight and charge specific formulated to the customers specific demands.

• Repulpable wet strength resins. Unique chemistry that provides the wet strength properties required and allows you to recycle your normally hard or impossible to repulp broke.

• Polyacrylamide Based Dry Strength. ASC has developed new polymeric dry strength resin to improve both paper properties and machine runability.

• Dispersion Polymers. ASC’s new water based dispersion polymers are designed for easy makedown and feed applications. Expensive feed equipment is not required for product makedown.

• Development of New Sludge Dewatering High Solids Polymers

• Development of Bulking and Opacity Agents for the paper manufacturing process