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Wet and Dry Strength Resins

Wet and Dry Strength ResinsTo improve the wet and dry strength properties in a variety of grades, Aurora Specialty Chemistries has developed new and unique chemistry in wet and dry strength. We employ special polymeric formulated products to improve paper properties. At the same time, paper machine performance will be improved.

ASC has developed new repulpable wet strength chemistry. Our products show good wet to dry strength properties. These products allow you to repulp broke. Mill repulping costs can be greatly reduced without sacrificing results.

ASC has developed new polymeric dry strength resin to improve both paper properties and machine runability.

Competitive Edge

SuperFlex – 78 is a dry Gen X 2000 strength agent used in papermaking. This product is made from unique chemistry employing Cationic Polyacrylamide and Starch. It not only improves dry strength but also improves machine drainage and retention.

Remains in a very stable condition for longer period of storage.

• Does not require “cooking” process. Dissolves freely in cold water.
• Easy to use.
• Works as retention and strengthening agent.
• Works in all kinds of (Alkaline, Neutral, and Acidic) stock preparation.
• Is not affected by the presence of anionic products in stock preparation.
• Helps to reduce the amount of calcium carbonate requirement while improving strength properties.

Reduce Repulping Costs

WSR-L2 employs unique chemistry. This chemistry functions to provide excellent wet to dry strength properties. The main feature of WSR-L2 is its re-pulpability. This product will provide the wet strength properties required and allow you to recycle your normally hard or impossible to repulp broke. Your pulping process costs associated with repulping this product will be reduced.