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International and Domestic Locations

Domestically, ASC manufactures and markets products which are shipped throughout the United States. Our domestic offices are in the following locations with distributors located in several states:

• Lansing, Michigan
• Baton Rouge, Louisiana
• New London, North Carolina
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
• Richland, Virginia
• Freemont, California

ASC has aggressively expanded into international markets with partnering companies that have offices located in the following countries:

ASC/SQG Mexico’s Single Source Supplier

Soluciones Quimicas Globales (SQG) is Aurora’s Single Source Supplier representative for the Mexican Pulp and Paper industry. SQG provides service, support and products for the Pulp and Paper industry. SQG will provide accountability as a single supplier.

ASC provides chemicals and services to Mexican industries. Products are manufactured for the pulp/paper industry. ASC also provides extensive service support to this industry. ASC Mexico acted as a single source supplier to Ford Motor Company in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. We provided manufacturing lubricants, boiler, cooling water and waste water products, and had complete responsibility for operating the wastewater treatment to include plant labor at this facility in Lamosa, Mexico for 5 years.

Aurora Specialty Chemistries Pvt. Ltd.
Hyderabad, India

Produces and supplies pulp and paper chemicals, water treatment chemicals and chemicals for oil and gas, textiles and other specialties.

Amman, Jordan
ASC Amman, Jordan
Amman, Jordan

Aurora Specialty Chemistries provides products for pulp and paper industry, water treatment, oil and gas, and other related industries. New Horizons represents our products in this region with distribution and service support through out the region.