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Stickies Control and Deinking

Stickies Control and DeinkingStickies problems are the result of secondary (recycled paper) fiber. As the paper is recycled, adhesives, ink, and coating binders are released. These are nonpaper contaminants that collect on felts, wires, rolls, press and dryer surfaces. Paper sheet formation problems result due to these contaminants.

Stickies Polymer Chemistry

Aurora Specialty Chemistries employs cationic and anionic polymer chemistry to reduce stickies problems. Our products are sprayed directly on the felt, wire, or press sections.

Deposit Control Agents

These products work by two mechanisms, molecular film formation and by dispersing or repelling stickies that would aglomerate and cause formation problems.

Deinking Chemistries


IMPACT 7010 is a blend of specially modified polymers to stop the agglomeration of stickies, hot melts and glues.